Varun Chebbi

New Horizon College of Engineering
Research Assistant
Varun Uday Chebbi is an enthusiastic Mechanical Engineering Graduate from Viveswaraiah Technological Univesity, India. He was selected for the Indo-French student exchange from his University and in University of Le Havre Research Laboratory (France) he worked as Research Assistant on Computational Fluid Dynamics Projects. One of the major project he worked was 2D Physical study of comb shaped Artificial Reefs, which can be used as Renewable form of energy. Varun has carried out many Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) simulations using IBM Power 9 Cloud servers using the concept of Cloud computing. Currently he is getting trained under Prof. Munikrishnan (Research Associate at IISc Bangalore). He is working on several CFD projects in Aerospace field and defense projects Varun Chebbi is an enthusiastic youngster with vast knowledge and 3 years of engineering experience in the field of HPC Computational Fluid dynamics simulations and computations. He has also presented his work of CFD simulations on Power 9 cloud platform in various seminars and presented the use of Power 9 servers in the field of Education and research under the Guidance of Mr. Ganesan Narayanswamy (OpenPower Leader for Education and Research). In the year 2020 he passed out of his Bachelor of Engineering and is working for his higher studies admissions in Prestigious univetrsities.
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