Shivansh Shukla

IIT Patna
Research Intern - Object Automation Software Solution Pvt. Ltd.
This is Shivansh Shukla pursuing B.Tech (UG) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Patna. I have worked on domains like cloud computing, deep learning, and software development. Some projects include the "Facial recognition attendance system" through siamese networks locally as well on PowerAI Vision, "AI box" for enabling students, faculties, and industries to experience the ease of developing solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence capabilities. I've also Developed a backend using drone’s video footage for the task of object detection and sent only the filtered data to the cloud after handling some computations on the edge device. This aided in reducing the load on servers. Apart from all this, I've done some web and other software development too. I am working as a Research Intern with Object Automation since 2019.
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