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Shruti Prakash Gupta

IIT Gandhinagar
I am a junior undergraduate at IIT Gandhinagar, in Electrical Engineering Discipline. I worked as an Intern under the guidance of Mr. Kunal Ghosh, on a project focused on the openPOWER ISA. We explored the utility of the open source EDA tools for the frontend and backend processing of the softcore processor Chiselwatt (for POWER ISA), designed in the Chisel HDL. We also set up the POWER9 functional simulator over a personal computer and used the gnu-tool-chain for the code compilation and the assembly code generation sequence. It was followed by the execution step (on the simulated platform for POWER ISA) and use of gnu-debugger to get an in-depth view of the changes happening at the register level as the code execution proceeds. I do not have any prior speaking experiences, at such a community-platform.
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