Archisman Sen

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation, Japan
Graduated as a Mechanical Engg. and worked for 4 years with Renault Nissan in India and Japan, with roles of Sr. Engg for R&D in HVAC and Quality project, apart from having roles as manufacturing quality reviewer and Chassis component quality leader. This involved extensive interaction with R&D engineers and suppliers, dealership and service station engineers and site visits for discussion with engineers, and often with customers directly, for quality concerns. Thus have a good level of information on various aspects of the Value Chain in the R&D and manufacturing sectors. An active member of Formula Student. Started M.Sc. in Management Engg, with a specialization in the area of Industrial project management. This was also accompanied by a long term thesis-based inter-university exchange program. While undertaking the projects available, I had the opportunity, for close interaction with the certain advanced engineering companies for an Industry 4.0(I4.0) project that involved the development of a Learning Factory, within a very limited budget, in a University set up. Although this was challenging at first, with the help of industrial development units, our team was able to establish from scratch, a functioning proto assembly line in the Learning Factory with multiple I4.0 key elements. My recent project of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation involved digitalization projects of the shop floor, thus having an interesting exposure to how the industry is often stuck with an issue or prolongs an issue which actually could be resolved faster or with much easily available resources. I have spoken on many platforms including guest lectures as a senior employee at colleges and also in forums of technical debates and in Formula Student events.
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