Allan J. Cantle

Nallasway Inc.
CEO, Nallasway Inc. and Technical Director of OpenCAPI Consortium
Allan Cantle is CEO of Nallasway, consulting on Heterogeneous, High Performance Computing Solutions.  He is also the OpenCAPI Consortium Technical Director and Board Advisor.
Most recently, Allan was CTO of the ISI group within Molex for 3 years. Previously, Allan founded Nallatech, which became widely known as a pioneer in FPGA Accelerated Computing. He held the position of CEO & President and Founder during his 25 Year Tenure having positions from full P&L responsibility to defining Nallatech's Product Roadmap, solving real application problems with the best heterogeneous computing solutions. Allan held positions on the board of OpenPOWER in 2017 as well as the chairman of the OpenPOWER Accelerator work group for 3 years. Before founding Nallatech; Allan was an Electronics Systems Engineer at BAE systems, developing real-time heterogeneous high-performance computers. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Plymouth.
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